Data-enabled Discovery and Design to Transform Liquid-based Energy Storage

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From the deployment of portable electronics and sensors to electric and hybrid vehicles and the reliability and security of the nation’s electrical grid, there is tremendous need to accelerate the ability to develop and deploy scalable, reliable, safe, and location-independent energy storage. The research mission of D3TaLES (Data-enabled Discovery and Design to Transform Liquid-based Energy Storage) is to create new domain knowledge in materials science and to capitalize on the large-scale creation, collection, analysis, and modeling of curated data to design materials for new generations batteries that meet these technological challenges. Our work is enabled by an interdisciplinary network of collaborators with expertise in materials design, characterization, and deployment, autonomous experimentation, and data analytics and machine learning. We are also driven to make an impact in our local, national, and scientific communities by recruiting and training diverse scholars in this convergent research program, developing academic modules for undergraduate programs that sit at the crossroads of energy storage, electrochemistry, and data science, and fostering the development of early-career faculty to lead large-scale research centers. 

Our Research

D3TaLES research is comprised of four cross-cutting aims:
Data Aggregation, Creation, and Curation

Design and deploy a centralized data hub and robotic systems for LES materials.
Read more..

Redox-Active Molecules for LES

Determine solution properties of redox-active materials as a function of molecular structure and state of charge. Read more..

Electrolytes for LES

Link analyte solubility to solvation at high concentrations as it impacts solvent and analyte structures and phase transitions in traditional and ionic liquids. Read more..

Data-Driven Discovery and Design

Design and deploy a data-driven autonomous computational-experimental approach to explore the impact of molecular architecture and electrolyte composition on energy storage metrics. Read more..

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NSF Cooperative Agreement Number: 2019574

Data-enabled Discovery and Design to Transform Liquid-based Energy Storage

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